GAMEFACE PERFORMANCE is a consulting firm that enhances mental skills for athletes and coaches to improve performance in sport. In the sporting world, athletes and coaches contend with internal and external factors including performance anxiety, energy/stress management, confidence issues, attention/concentration control, conflict management, season/career ending injuries, etc. GAMEFACE PERFORMANCE focuses on a holistic, inside/out approach to enhance and improve with individuals mental approach to their game. We believe that athletes today can’t afford to rely solely on their physical talents. Connecting the mind and body to produce an elite mindset to overcome internal and external distractions while performing is vital.

What separates the good from the elite is mental performance. 


Grant Parr, M.A. is a Mental Sports Performance Consultant focusing on high impact and combat sports. His consulting practice uses mental performance techniques and strategies to help athletes and coaches gain a competitive edge in their sport performance.  He consults with a wide variety of athletes and sports disciplines including fencing, football, wrestling, martial arts and many others.

Grant’s career in sports began at the age of 7. His fascination with full contact and combat sports led him down an exciting and inspiring career in various sports, including baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. His football career as quarterback spanned 13 years in both high school and college, earning him various awards and accolades. After graduating from California High School, Grant excelled at the collegiate level playing for Chabot Junior College and Sonoma State University. Due to a career ending injury, he transferred to Chico State University to pursue his Bachelors degree in Communications – Media Arts. After graduation, Grant spent 17 years in sales in the technology space in the Bay Area.

Grant’s enthusiasm for mental performance in sports is not only fueled by his passion as an athlete, coach, and sport performance consultant, but how mental performance translates into life skills. His own injury has also served as a motivator to support other athletes learn how to mentally recuperate and thrive after injuries.

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Mental Performance Packages


I believe athletes today can’t afford to be just an amazing athlete physically, what separates the good from the elite is mental performance. Whether if you are an athlete, coach, team, or parent there is a package that will address your needs and goals. Mental performance training is a commitment. So, no matter what package you select I will be 100% committed to elevate your mental game and I will be your dedicated mental sports performance consultant. My specialty is working within high impact and combat sports (Football, Hockey, Rugby, Lacrosse, Fencing, Wrestling, Boxing, Martial Arts, etc.). However, if you are performer in any sport that wants to improve or enhance your mental game, I have a plan for you.


  • 3 Month Commitment
  • Minimum of one session per week
  • Total of 12 Sessions
  • 60 Minute Session per Week
  • Mental Strategy Plan (comprehensive strategy plan based on area of focus)
  • Video Review (critique/analyze mental and physical performance)
  • Articles & Tools (weekly articles tailored to weekly topics, Youtube videos tailored to weekly topics, work sheets and sessions notes)
  • Game time phone/Skype call (24×7 availability for a call the day before or day of competition to provide support to athlete(s) and coaches

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  • 1 – 3 Month commitment
  • Minimum of one session per week
  • 60 Minute Session Per Week
  • Mental Strategy Plan (comprehensive strategy plan based on area of focus)
  • Video Review (critique/analyze mental and physical performance)

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  • 60 Minute Session
  • Mental Strategy Plan (comprehensive strategy plan based on area of focus)
  • Articles & Tools (weekly articles tailored to weekly topics, Youtube videos tailored to weekly topics, work sheets and sessions notes)

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  • 12 Month Commitment
  • Elite and Champion Package Benefits
  • 4 Competition Visits and 4 Observation Visits (there will be an additional charge for  additional competition and onsite observation visits outside of the scheduled 4 visits)

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Team packages are designed to meet the goals and needs of the team. Areas of general focus are Team Cohesion, Leadership Skills, Mission Statements, Effective Communication, etc. Sessions will be held at team facilities with the players and coaches. There will be a specified number of observation hours, team meetings and individual player meetings to better understand the team dynamics.

Observation hours allow the consultant to observe the team in both practice and competition settings allowing the consultant to assess the team and coaching staff dynamics, in order to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses.

Team meetings are designed to meet the specific needs of the team, each meeting addresses and enhances team dynamics by implementing new mental performance skills and techniques. Team building activities and communication exercises will be a major component increasing team cohesion and team identity.

By request from athlete and/or coach, individual player meetings can be scheduled to discuss team meeting topics or presenting issues affecting individual or team performance.

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Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation and get more familiar with my process and services. My goal is to make sure you have a thorough understanding of the commitment that will produce results and enhance your mental game. More importantly, I want make sure you feel comfortable working with me on this journey to your mental greatness.

Grant Parr, M.A.

Mental Sports Performance Consultant

Email: grant@gamefaceperformance.com

Phone: 925-360-5369

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