Episode 39: Mike James, Professional Football Player, Pain Management: Cannabis vs. Opioid

Mike James, a professional football player, who is at the forefront of the cannabis vs opioid discussion, talks about his dark addiction to opioid’s and why athletes need a safer option to deal with pain management. He takes us back to the Monday Night Football Game where he ended up breaking his ankle in pursuit of scoring a touchdown and thereafter, when his addiction started. James was quoted, “To be able to play this violent game and deal with chronic pain, I need an option for that”. He explains that he and the rest of the players, coaches, and owners within the NFL know and understand that they have all committed to this beautiful violent game and knowing the effects this game can leave on a player, there should be more safer options for pain management than just addictive opioids. Mike has been featured on CNN’s Weed 4 with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and is supported by former and current players (Rickey Williams, Eugene Monroe, and Derrick Morgan) to urge the NFL to revisit its views and revise its policies on marijuana. Most people would think that Mike Jame is doing the unreasonable by challenging the NFL’s drug policy, but he feels that it is his calling and his duty to be a voice for the rest of the players to have other options to cope with their pain.

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