Episode 40: Mark Henderson, Gold Medalist & 3x World Champion, The Olympic Mindset: The Key’s to a Team’s Success

Mark Henderson, a Gold medalist from the 1996 4×100 meter medley team and 3x World Champion, who holds a World, Olympic, American, and U.S. Open records talks about his Olympic mindset and the key’s to a team’s success. He talks about the importance of team cohesiveness and how it was the main ingredient to USA’s success. Mark gives us his play by play experience of not only when they won the gold, but the events that happen after standing on the podium. He also shares, If there was one thing he would have changed in his preparation and it would have been implementing yoga and meditation within overall routine. After years of elite competition and working on Wall Street, Mark has found his new passion in life, which is his new company The Athletes Villages, a trusted resource of sports-related questions and answers created, edited and organized by people who are passionate about sports. Currently, there are decades of competition-proven knowledge related to parenting athletes, coaching, training and competing that are only being provided to professional athletes and The Athletes Village makes the best information available for everyone. Mark is the example of having the  mindset to never stop when pursuing your dreams.

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