Our workshops and presentations are designed to educate athletes, teams, coaches, and parents ranging from visualization, breathe management, crisis management, mindfulness, coping with injury, anxiety/energy management, team cohesion, leadership skills, goal setting, focus and motivation strategies. Our workshops will teach athletes practical, easy-to-learn skills which will help athletes, teams, and coaches better manage the pressure of competition, overcome failure, concentrate on the right things, remove external distractions, mentally prepare for big competitions and develop confidence in stressful situations.

As a coach, you and your staff will learn different approaches that will take your program to the next level by learning peak performance strategies, effective communication, enhancing leadership skills with athletes, and team cohesion concepts. Every coaching staff is different and unique, which is why we custom design our workshops to meet the specific needs of your program and concerns of the individual coaches.

We offer workshops designed for parents to better understand their role that they need to support their child to prevent burnout, added distractions, and provide overall positive support to insure a winning experience.

If you don’t see a workshop that you’re interested in or that  addresses your needs, please reach out to us on our contact page. We are willing to design a workshop that will fit the needs of your group.

Workshop Schedule:

2-18-17 GOOD PEOPLE Event – Lake Tahoe, CA. “Inner-Dialogue”

6-23-17 Platinum Resource Group “Boot Camp Coffee” “Staying Motivated During Your Job Search and Beyond” BDO USA LLP One Bush Street 17th Floor, BDO Conference Room San Francisco, CA 94104