Episode 9: Sam Fisher – Quarterback Coach

Coach Sam Fisher, Owner of Throw To Win QB Training and Quarterback Coach for Norte Dame High School talks about the mental game of a quarterback. We talk about the dynamics that quarterbacks deal with in regards to pressure, discipline, and breathing. He evens shares his own personal experiences as a quarterback and his approach as a coach when training quarterbacks. If your a quarterback or a quarterback coach you have to listen to Coach Fisher talk about the mental game of a quarterback.

Episode 8: Hans de Lannoy – Basketball Coach

Dublin High School’s Girl’s Varsity Basketball Coach, Hans de Lannoy talks about fear of failure, disconnecting from the outcome, and the kind of pressures a high school athletes go through during this day of age. With over 40 years of coaching 36 of them at the varsity level and multiple championships, Hans shares personal stories about his recent basketball season/career, how to set expectations with athletes, and how yoga played a part in his career. When you hear this episode, you understand why his players played their hearts for him, but why he has had a very successful coaching career.

Episode 7: Aaron Miles – Mental Game

Former professional baseball player and World Champion, Aaron Miles talks about how to deal with adversity, fear of failure, getting in the zone, and how important it is to stay mentally positive in any situation. He shares very intimate stories about his world series experience and his own experiences regarding mental performance. If you love baseball, you can’t miss this podcast.

Episode 6: Donavin Britt – Mindset

Donavin Britt, owner/coach of the Las Vegas Krav Maga and MMA Academy talks about the warrior mindset and the kind of mindset that one needs to have when enduring self defense training. He shares stories about simulation training and how Bruce Lee has affected his mindset. If your are interested in Krav Maga and MMA, you must listen to Donavin’s gospel.

Episode 5: Mentally Transitioning Out of a Season

In this episode, I talk about how coaches and athletes mentally transition out of a season and how I dealt with my transition from coaching high school football last year.

Episode 4: Greg Romero – Olympic BMX Coach

Greg Romero, the 3 time Olympic BMX Coach, who has won over 100 professional BMX races talks about disconnecting from the outcome (winning vs. losing), fear of failure, and pre-competition anxiety. Greg shares his personal mental performance stories as an athlete and his approach on coaching BMX athletes from a mental perspective.

Episode 3: Mike Pederson – Canadian Olympic Women’s Foil Fencing Coach

Mike Pederson, the Canadian Olympic Women’s Foil Fencing coach and owner of the Golden Gate Fencing Center in San Francisco discusses his passion for mental performance and how to build culture within a team or club around mental performance. Mike provides a great template on how to coach athletes to make decisions under pressure, achieve “flow”, and loving the fight within the sport of fencing. He also, talks about his coaching philosophy and the mental performance techniques he implements to keep his mind sound at the elite level.

Episode 2: Coach Chris Vasseur

Coach Chris Vasseur the Defensive Coordinator for the Serra High School Padres talks about his sport psychology background and how it has made him a better coach. Coach Vasseur dives deeper into issues like the pressures of social media for high school athletes, using certain positive language to connect with different types of athletes, and how to teach athletes to disconnect from the outcome.

Episode 1: Welcome to 90% Mental

90% Mental Episode 1 – Hunter Bishop, Collegiate Baseball Player

90% Mental is a podcast that brings awareness to mental performance and sport psychology issues by interviewing athletes, coaches, trainers, etc. highlighting their mental performances experience’s and diving deeper on current sport psychology topics. Episodes will range from interviews from Olympians, Professional, Collegiate and High School Athletes and Coaches, along with my personal individual episodes discussing my own thoughts about mental performance as a Mental Sport Performance Consultant, Coach, and Athlete.

Kicking off my first episode, Hunter Bishop is a two sport athlete from Serra High School out of San Mateo, CA., who has had an explosive career. In Hunter’s senior year, he was named 2015 Under Armour Baseball All-American, First Team All-League – Outfielder, First Team All-League – Wide Receiver, WCAL baseball Player of the Year, selected to the 2015 Baseball Area Code Player Team, drafted to the San Diego Padres in the 2016 Major League Baseball Draft, and received a full ride baseball scholarship to Arizona State University. Considering the number of accolades, he experienced at the age 17 years old, Hunter also dealt with his Mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease. He shares a compelling story on how he mentally managed the pressures of his mother’s illness while dealing with high school stardom, professional/college baseball scouts, and still maintaining a 438 batting average. Hunter was drafted in the 2016 Major League Draft by the San Diego Padres and turned down a 2-million-dollar contract to pursue a collegiate baseball career with the Arizona State University Sun Devils. His mindset and maturity during his senior year of high school is inspirational and an example for other athletes in how to manage their mental game through life and athletic pressures. He believes that mental performance separates the good from the great.

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