Episode 48: Mohamed Massaquoi, former NFL Wide Receiver, Adversity: The Story of Loss & Positive Perspective

Mohamed Massaquoi, former NFL Wide Receiver shares his story about adversity, loss & gaining positive perspective after a traumatic AVT accident that forced him to amputate his hand. Mohamed talks about what it took to accept the loss and regain a different, but positive perspective about life. Due to his athletic and competitive mindset, his road to recovery was met with grit, attitude, and perseverance. The three ingredients that make up this unbeatable warrior.

Episode 47: Cory Withrow, former NFL Center, CTE and Life After Football

Cory Withrow, former NFL Center, talks about the two sides of his professional football career. One being, what it took mentally to compete in the trenches at the professional level for over a decade. The other is how he is dealing with early CTE symptoms due to years of competition. In general, most stories you hear about CTE are not pleasant or positive. However, Cory shares his optimism about his personal experience with his medical care, cognitive testing, and his family support. Impressively, he shares if he could do it all over again, he would 100% play the game of football.

Episode 46: Penelope Yamauichi, VP of Sales – Athletes to Careers & Former D1 Collegiate Swimmer

Penelope Yamauichi, VP of Sales for Athletes to Careers & former collegiate division 1 swimmer shares her story as an athlete and how it has prepared her for her life’s calling, which is helping athletes transition out of sports into careers. Not only does she share intimate stories of her competing at the Olympics Trials as a collegiate athlete. She also, shares success stories of athletes that she has helped within transition from athlete to professional. There is nothing like listening to someone who is fully committed and deeply connected to their passion.

Episode 45: Connor Hoppe, 2x Pac-12 100 Breaststroke Champion “Growth Mindset and Positive Self-Talk”

Connor Hoppe, 2x Pac-12 100 Breaststroke Champion talks about why it was important to him to have a growth mindset and develop strong positive self-talk to perform at an elite level.Β  He explains that he wouldn’t have accomplished his goals if he didn’t honor his process and surround himself with a solid support system. Now that Connor has left his mark within the collegiate ranks, he is on to bigger and better things like training for the 2020 Olympics.

Episode 44: Mike Pawlawski, former NFL/Arena and UC Berkeley QB “The Importance of the Mental Game”

Mike Pawlawski, former NFL/Arena and UC Berkeley Quarterback talks about the importance of focusing on the mental game.Β  For someone who has won collegiate bowl games and championships, Mike knows a thing or two about developing a competitive spirit. In order to strengthen your mental game, he stresses the importance on visualization, focus on what you can control, the next man up mindset, and what to do to invest in a leadership mindset. This conversation will leave you motivated and wanting to learn how to implement these strategies within your game.

Episode 43: Dave Sampson, former Strength & Conditioning Coach “The Story of Steroids and Adversity”

Dave Sampson, former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Roanoke College talks about his story of steroids, pain management, and overcoming adversity. Coach Sampson was arrested on possession of anabolic steroids and was released from his duties. This story is more than just about a man who used steroids to manage pain. It is a story about personal redemption and overcoming adversity. Coach Sampson talks about his healing process and how meditation, forgiveness, faith, and family support got him through these difficult times. He looks back at his past decisions and recognizes his failures, and is ready to share his story in hopes to bring awareness around steroid use and advocate for alternative options regarding pain management.

Episode 42: Leka Fineman, CrossFit Games Masters Athlete and Author “Mindset Over Age”

Leka Fineman, a CrossFit Games Masters Athlete and author, who is a 3x Norcal Masters Champion and finished 7th in the 2017 CrossFit Games in the over 50 division talks about how she is preparing mentally for the 2018 CrossFit Games. Leka shares her perspective on the power of breath, the utilization of positive affirmations, and the importance of recovery. She is a true warrior in every sense of the word and age will not be an obstacle in achieving her goals. This laser focused athlete is sure to be successful in this years CrossFit Games.