Episode 35: Susan Francia, 2x Gold Medalist Women’s Rowing, The Olympic Mindset

Susan Francia, 2x Gold Medalist Women’s Rowing, shares her Olympic mindset and what it took to win the Gold in 2008 and 2012. She shares her experience on what it felt like being on the podium receiving the Gold Medal and how it felt representing her country. After winning the Gold in the 2008 Olympics, Susan talks in depth on how she and her team dealt with the pressure to win the gold in 2012. There many things that contributed to her success… but one that she highlights is the power of visualization. In this interview, you will completely understand why Susan and company dominated the sport of rowing… mindset is everything.

Episode 34: Tony Graziani, former NFL QB, “The Next Man Up Mindset”

Tony Graziani, former NFL QB talks about the importance of “The Next Man Up Mindset” and how he prepared himself to be ready at a moments notice. He shares how he dealt with “being the man”, not “being the man”, and then “being the man” throughout his career. What he attributes to his next man up mindset is having a healthy inner dialogue. It’s not about listening to your thoughts, but talking to them and staying in control. He stresses that an athlete shouldn’t let themselves get demotivated and focus on the wrong things due to a lack of playing time. It’s in those moments where you get better and focus on getting prepared for that moment, because it could change your career in the most positive way.

Episode 33: Isabella Picard, former Collegiate Softball Player, “Adversity – The Isabella Picard Story”

Isabella Picard, former Collegiate Softball Payer shares her story of adversity when she slid into second base and broke her neck leaving her paralyzed. She talks about how she dealt with the doctors telling her that she will never play softball again, never run again, and never swing the bat again, but little does the world know that Isabella Picard is the ultimate fighter. Isabella explains how she deals with fear, keeping her mindset positive, and how to take a negative situation and make it positive. Her attitude and energy is unbreakable. This is the story of Isabella Picard.

Episode 32: A.J. Andrews, Professional Softball Player “The Gold Glove Mindset”

A.J. Andrews, Professional Softball Player and the first woman to win the Gold Glove Award talks about her mindset and what it takes to compete at the most elite level. This highly decorated athlete shares her story in how she deals with pressure, fear, and why it is important to have a healthy inner-dialogue. Her relentless training is fueled by the thought that someone is working harder than she is. A.J. doesn’t want to be just a great softball player, but excel at everything she does. She wants to be an example of what women and all athletes can accomplish. A.J. will go down in history as one of the most talented softball players in history.

Episode 31: Randy Behr, the South Korean Olympic Performance Coach “The Mindset of an International Coach”

Randy Behr, the South Korean Olympic Performance Coach talks about his journey in earning an international coaching position. His story paints a picture of a passionate coach with an impressive background that has dedicated his life to helping athletes play a bigger game. He explains how he dealt with the transition into another country, cultural dynamics, and his passion for coaching. Coach Behr’s mindset is all about connecting with athletes and trusting the process.

Episode 30: Bob Tewksbury, MLB Mental Performance Coach, former MLB All-Star Pitcher, and Author “90% Mental”

Bob Tewksbury, the San Francisco Giants Mental Performance Coach and former Major League All-Star Pitcher talks about his newly released book 90% Mental. He shares intimate stories of his career that makes you feel as if you were on the mound with him. Bob gives insight into his own mental game, how he works with other professional baseball players, and the importance of focusing on the mental game. If you love the game of baseball and the mental game you will want to check his book.

Episode 29: Lisa Willis, Former WNBA Basketball Player and Olympic Gold Medalist “The Fear of Failure”

Lisa Willis, former WNBA basketball player and Olympic gold medalist talks about how to deal with the fear of failure and how to focus on the rights things when competing. She discusses how to look fear in the face and conquer it. Lisa states, “fear is created by oneself, you can deal with the fear you created or you can create healthy fear, it’s your choice”. She shares how she dealt with fear when playing at the collegiate and professional level, but she also shares how she teaches young athletes to trust the process and thrive under pressure where fear is not in the picture. There is nothing like hearing the gospel on this topic from an professional and an Olympian.