Episode 28: Aja Evans, 2014 Bronze Medalist Women’s Bobsled “Heading to the 2018 Winter Olympics”

Aja Evans, 2014 Bronze Medalist Women’s Bobsled sits down with me at Chula Vista Olympic Training Center two days before she lives for the Winter Olympics to share her mindset before she competes on the big stage. She reflects on her journey and the things she learned about herself mentally, physically, and emotionally. She feels more dialed in than ever and is ready to go for the Gold.

Episode 27: Dr. John Heil, Hazing in Sports

Dr. John Heil, Sports Psychologist talks about bringing awareness and education around hazing in sports. With numbers like, 80% of college student athletes have been hazed and 50% of the female NCAA Division 1 athletes reported that they were hazed, drove him to dive deeper into this epidemic. Dr. Heil shares his perspective on different ways to educate players and coaches and how we can look at hazing through a different lens. Not all hazing is bad, there is a healthy initiation process that can be experienced within teams, but Dr. Heil raises the question… How can we prevent it from turning into a tragic event?

Episode 26: Graham Betchart, NBA Mental Skills Coach – Mindset Music

Graham Betchart, NBA Mental Skills Coach talks about his new mindset music album called Unlock. He shares his passion and the process in how he went about creating and recording a mental skills training album to unlock your potential. This unique approach to mental skills training is motivating, direct, thought provoking, and inspirational. Not only will you will hear Graham’s passion in every word in every song… You will hear the same passion in his voice when talking about this album and mental skills training on my show. Check out the link to “Unlock”.


Episode 25: Yvenson Bernard, Former NFL Running back – The Transition Mindset

Yvenson Bernard, former NFL running back talks about the mindset of transition and how he dealt with “change” mentally and emotionally within his professional career. His story starts at the University of Oregon State, where he became one of the most prolific running backs in Pac-10 history, destined to be drafted in the 2008 NFL draft. When this dream was not realized, Yvenson dealt with many transitions throughout the NFL, CFL, and eventually leaving the sport of football. He speaks in detail about his motivation, which was to provide for his father and brother, Giovani Bernard, but the core of his story is how he mentally transitioned out of football into his current role at Oregon State University. Yvenson’s story is as authentic as it comes when dealing with adversity and change.

Episode 24: Christina Williams, Professional Body Builder – Motivation and Visualization

Professional Body Builder, Christina Williams shares her perspective and mindset within the culture of body building. With her tenacious spirit, you will her what motivates her, how she deals with dieting, and how she visualizes her performances. This professional holds nothing back when talking about her personal story to success. She tells it like it is and preaches the fitness gospel on many levels.

Episode 23: Aja Evans, Women’s Bobsled Olympian – The Road to Gold Mindset

Olympian bobsledder bronze medalist, Aja Evans, shares her mindset on pursuing her Olympic dreams. This fierce competitor sheds light on her journey and how she went from collegiate track & field star to an Olympian. Aja discusses how she overcame adversity with a devastating knee injury and how her tenacious mindset and determination fueled her passion to compete at an elite level. Humility, family, and down right hard work is the foundation of this Olympian’s mindset. In less than three months, Aja is going to pursue her next Olympic gold. U.S.A.!!!

Episode 22: Roger Craig, former San Francisco 49er’s Running Back “Relentless Mindset”

Roger Craig, former San Francisco 49er’s Running Back and 3x Super Bowl Champion talks about his relentless mindset as an athlete and corporate executive. He shares intimate moments that he experienced during the dynasty years and what it meant to be a part of the 49er brotherhood. Roger shares a conversation he had with Walter Payton that fueled his motivation throughout his professional career and life. He reflects on the moments he had with Bill Walsh and pays homage to his legacy, and what he created, which was more than a dynasty. It was a relationship that Coach Walsh had with every 49er that influenced the mindset of the Red and Gold. If you didn’t know what Roger Craig is all about as an athlete and person, you will now know by listening to this episode.