Episode 18: Olympian & Head Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of Central Florida, Tiffany Roberts-Sahaydak ” The Mindset of Team Culture”


Olympian and Head Women’s Soccer Coach at the University of Central Florida, Tiffany Roberts- Sahaydak talks about the mindset of team culture. Her rich experience as an athlete and coach has allowed her to create a team culture approach that is creative and trustworthy. Coach Roberts-Sahaydak discusses the different team cultures she has experienced as an athlete and coach at all levels, but she shares a model that is embedded within the core values of the UCF program, which is called the Four Everyday Actions (1. Be your best (2. Choose a positive attitude (3. Don’t complain or make an excuse (4. Take care of each other. There is nothing more aspiring than listening to an Olympian/Head Coach talk about team culture and the meaning of living it on and off the field. BEST IS OUR STANDARD CULTURE!

Episode 19: Patricia Johnson Amateur Body Builder

Patricia Johnson an amateur body builder aiming to achieve her pro card talks about the mindset that one needs to deal with when executing a strict physical program, diet, and focus for body building competitions. Patricia talks about how important it is to focus on your plan no matter what life issues that arise, which she shares an intimate story that could have derailed her focus and motivation for her upcoming competition. Her mental toughness and will to succeed within this sport will inspire you and make you think twice about what body builders have to deal with when getting prepared mentally and physically for a competition.

Episode 17: Coach Randy Jackson & Author – North Forney High School Football Coach “The Mindset of Team Culture”

Head Varsity Football Coach, Randy Jackson of North Forney High School out of Texas and Author of “Culture Defeats Strategy” discusses the core values of his highly innovative football culture in this four part series on “The Mindset of Team Culture”. His formula has proven to be a success and his book outlines why culture is important, how to create it step by step, and how to secure buy in from his players. If you want to learn and experience the “earn it culture” and get a glimpse of Texas football culture, this is a must listen episode.

Episode 16: Coach Justin Alumbaugh – De La Salle Football Coach “Team Culture”

This week’s episode is the third episode of a four part series on the mindset of “Team Culture” and Coach Justin Alumbaugh, Head Varsity Football Coach of De La Salle High School talks about the Spartan culture and what it takes to be a part of this rich culture. He stresses that the De La Salle football program is not just a winning a culture, but an effort culture, which is the main ingredient to their success. If you want to experience culture that has a rich history of effort, winning, and integrity you will not want to miss this episode.

Episode 15: Leki Nunn Quarterback “Leadership”

Leki Nunn, former Quarterback for the Serra High School Padres and scholarship athlete for San Jose State University, who led the Padres to their first State Championship appearance last year talks about his leadership style and what motivates him as an athlete. In our conversation, you will experience the transformation as leader from his junior to his senior year by listening to how he dealt with adversity and keeping what motivates him in front of him at all times. Coming from a school where it produces a rich history of athletes like Tom Brady, Barry Bonds, Greg Jeffries, Lynn Swann, etc., Leki is arguably one of the most talented athletes that has performed for the Serra Padres.

Episode 14: Coach Matt Ray, Head Varsity Football Coach of Antelope High School – Four Part Series on Team Culture

Head Varsity Football Coach, Matt Ray of the Antelope High School Titans shares his perspective and the mindset behind the Titan culture. For a coach who started the program from scratch nine years ago, where there was no culture. He has created a character culture, where winning is just a by-product. Four league titles, nine winning seasons, seven playoff appearances, 23 straight regular season wins, 24-2 in the past two seasons, and 18 total student athlete scholarships (12 of them D1 scholarships). There is something very exciting happening at Antelope High School and not only is the Titan 5 the foundation of it’s culture, it’s the pillars that every football player has bought into for the past nine years.

Episode 13: Coach Patrick Walsh, Head Varsity Football Coach of Serra High School -Four Part Series on Team Culture

A four part series on “Team Culture” where football coaches at the high school and collegiate level discuss their programs culture and their perspectives on building culture. Coach Patrick Walsh, Varsity Head Football Coach of Serra High School for the past 17 years, discusses what makes up his culture and the importance of living the culture on and off the field. After going 0-4 last year and winning 10 straight games that led the Serra Padres to the State Championship game. Coach Walsh shares how the culture was a big factor in dealing with adversity and how relationships, brotherhood, love, humility, and embracing misery were the key ingredients to stay on track and be authentic to the teams journey.

Episode 12: Anthony Trucks – Former Professional Football Player, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker – “Adversity”

Anthony Trucks, former professional football player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburg Steelers, Washington Redskins), entrepreneur, and motivational speaker talks about his story of adversity, and how he had to change his mindset to overcome being in and out of foster homes as a child, and how he had to deal with the up’s and down’s of collegiate and professional football. After all the obstacles that Anthony had faced and conquered throughout his life, he contributes his success to believing in himself, proving his worth, and being motivated by his family. As Anthony would say to anyone that is striving to change their life or grinding out to be the best they can be… “Trust Your Hustle”.

Episode 11: Marcus Mayo – High School Quarterback Coach & Author of Mindful Quarterbacking

Marcus Mayo, high school quarterback coach and author of Mindful Quarterbacking, talks about how and why mindfulness is a key factor within a quarterbacks state of mind. We discuss aspects of his book that touch on breathing, meditation, competition, and preparation. Quarterbacks at all levels that are looking to improve or enhance their mental game need to listen to this episode and pick up his book.


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