Episode 43: Dave Sampson, former Strength & Conditioning Coach “The Story of Steroids and Adversity”

Dave Sampson, former Strength and Conditioning Coach for Roanoke College talks about his story of steroids, pain management, and overcoming adversity. Coach Sampson was arrested on possession of anabolic steroids and was released from his duties. This story is more than just about a man who used steroids to manage pain. It is a story about personal redemption and overcoming adversity. Coach Sampson talks about his healing process and how meditation, forgiveness, faith, and family support got him through these difficult times. He looks back at his past decisions and recognizes his failures, and is ready to share his story in hopes to bring awareness around steroid use and advocate for alternative options regarding pain management.

Episode 42: Leka Fineman, CrossFit Games Masters Athlete and Author “Mindset Over Age”

Leka Fineman, a CrossFit Games Masters Athlete and author, who is a 3x Norcal Masters Champion and finished 7th in the 2017 CrossFit Games in the over 50 division talks about how she is preparing mentally for the 2018 CrossFit Games. Leka shares her perspective on the power of breath, the utilization of positive affirmations, and the importance of recovery. She is a true warrior in every sense of the word and age will not be an obstacle in achieving her goals. This laser focused athlete is sure to be successful in this years CrossFit Games.

Episode 41: Drew Bledsoe, former NFL Quarterback and Entrepreneur “The QB Mindset: Life After Football”

Drew Bledsoe, former NFL Quarterback and Entrepreneur talks about his QB mindset and how his professional football career prepared him for life after football. He shares how he dealt with adversity on and off the field, why it is important to focus on the right things, implement mental reps, and why it is crucial to have a mentor when starting a new business. Drew contributes his ability to deal with the ever changing business of wine making due to his experience as a professional football. There are a lot of similarities running an offense compared to running a business, which is why he has so much passion for the business and why making hard decisions is nothing new for this former Super Bowl champion.

Episode 40: Mark Henderson, Gold Medalist & 3x World Champion, The Olympic Mindset: The Key’s to a Team’s Success

Mark Henderson, a Gold medalist from the 1996 4×100 meter medley team and 3x World Champion, who holds a World, Olympic, American, and U.S. Open records talks about his Olympic mindset and the key’s to a team’s success. He talks about the importance of team cohesiveness and how it was the main ingredient to USA’s success. Mark gives us his play by play experience of not only when they won the gold, but the events that happen after standing on the podium. He also shares, If there was one thing he would have changed in his preparation and it would have been implementing yoga and meditation within overall routine. After years of elite competition and working on Wall Street, Mark has found his new passion in life, which is his new company The Athletes Villages, a trusted resource of sports-related questions and answers created, edited and organized by people who are passionate about sports. Currently, there are decades of competition-proven knowledge related to parenting athletes, coaching, training and competing that are only being provided to professional athletes and The Athletes Village makes the best information available for everyone. Mark is the example of having the  mindset to never stop when pursuing your dreams.

Episode 39: Mike James, Professional Football Player, Pain Management: Cannabis vs. Opioid

Mike James, a professional football player, who is at the forefront of the cannabis vs opioid discussion, talks about his dark addiction to opioid’s and why athletes need a safer option to deal with pain management. He takes us back to the Monday Night Football Game where he ended up breaking his ankle in pursuit of scoring a touchdown and thereafter, when his addiction started. James was quoted, “To be able to play this violent game and deal with chronic pain, I need an option for that”. He explains that he and the rest of the players, coaches, and owners within the NFL know and understand that they have all committed to this beautiful violent game and knowing the effects this game can leave on a player, there should be more safer options for pain management than just addictive opioids. Mike has been featured on CNN’s Weed 4 with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and is supported by former and current players (Rickey Williams, Eugene Monroe, and Derrick Morgan) to urge the NFL to revisit its views and revise its policies on marijuana. Most people would think that Mike Jame is doing the unreasonable by challenging the NFL’s drug policy, but he feels that it is his calling and his duty to be a voice for the rest of the players to have other options to cope with their pain.

Episode 38: Sheri Sam, 2x WNBA Champion, The Championship Mindset: Life After Basketball

Sheri Sam, a 2x WNBA Champion, talks about her championship mindset and life after basketball. She shares intimate stories of the different dynamics that existed between her two championship teams, the 2004 Seattle Storm and 2008 Detroit Shock. When it comes to mental toughness, Sheri explains the conversation she had with her college coach Jim Foster at Vanderbilt University about sitting in the fire, working through the hard times, and trusting the process. She reflects on her career and recounts her proudest moments that led to unbelievable life lessons. She contributes her basketball experiences as major influences in getting her ready for life after basketball. This champion’s story is about loving the game of basketball and never giving up.

Episode 37: Adonal Foyle, former NBA player, The Mindset of a NBA Big Man

Adonal Foyle, former NBA player talks about The Mindset of a NBA Big Man. With 492 career collegiate career block shots (NCAA Record), 1,140 career block shots (Golden State Warrior leader) and 3,400 career rebounds. Adonal definitely shares a thing or two on what it takes mentally to be a Big Man in the NBA and why the Big Man role has changed in today’s basketball. He also shares his perspective on why the decline in physicality within the sport of basketball and how his work ethic as an athlete has served him in his life after basketball. This is an interview of an incredible person who is deeply connected to the game of basketball emotionally, physically, and mentally. There is nothing better to listen to Adonal talk about the mental game and the stories that made up his career.