Episode 14: Coach Matt Ray, Head Varsity Football Coach of Antelope High School – Four Part Series on Team Culture

Head Varsity Football Coach, Matt Ray of the Antelope High School Titans shares his perspective and the mindset behind the Titan culture. For a coach who started the program from scratch nine years ago, where there was no culture. He has created a character culture, where winning is just a by-product. Four league titles, nine winning seasons, seven playoff appearances, 23 straight regular season wins, 24-2 in the past two seasons, and 18 total student athlete scholarships (12 of them D1 scholarships). There is something very exciting happening at Antelope High School and not only is the Titan 5 the foundation of it’s culture, it’s the pillars that every football player has bought into for the past nine years.

Episode 13: Coach Patrick Walsh, Head Varsity Football Coach of Serra High School -Four Part Series on Team Culture

A four part series on “Team Culture” where football coaches at the high school and collegiate level discuss their programs culture and their perspectives on building culture. Coach Patrick Walsh, Varsity Head Football Coach of Serra High School for the past 17 years, discusses what makes up his culture and the importance of living the culture on and off the field. After going 0-4 last year and winning 10 straight games that led the Serra Padres to the State Championship game. Coach Walsh shares how the culture was a big factor in dealing with adversity and how relationships, brotherhood, love, humility, and embracing misery were the key ingredients to stay on track and be authentic to the teams journey.

Episode 12: Anthony Trucks – Former Professional Football Player, Entrepreneur, and Motivational Speaker – “Adversity”

Anthony Trucks, former professional football player (Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Pittsburg Steelers, Washington Redskins), entrepreneur, and motivational speaker talks about his story of adversity, and how he had to change his mindset to overcome being in and out of foster homes as a child, and how he had to deal with the up’s and down’s of collegiate and professional football. After all the obstacles that Anthony had faced and conquered throughout his life, he contributes his success to believing in himself, proving his worth, and being motivated by his family. As Anthony would say to anyone that is striving to change their life or grinding out to be the best they can be… “Trust Your Hustle”.

Episode 11: Marcus Mayo – High School Quarterback Coach & Author of Mindful Quarterbacking

Marcus Mayo, high school quarterback coach and author of Mindful Quarterbacking, talks about how and why mindfulness is a key factor within a quarterbacks state of mind. We discuss aspects of his book that touch on breathing, meditation, competition, and preparation. Quarterbacks at all levels that are looking to improve or enhance their mental game need to listen to this episode and pick up his book.


Episode 10: Steve Springer – Toronto Blue Jay’s Former Performance Coach

Steve Springer, the Toronto Blue Jay’s Performance Coach preaches the gospel on the mental game. With 14 years of professional experience, working with mental performance coaches, and working as a mental performance. Steve has created an approach that works, which will get any baseball player mentally prepared to play America’s game. If you are a baseball player and you want to increase your mental game, you have to listen to this episode.

Episode 9: Sam Fisher – Quarterback Coach

Coach Sam Fisher, Owner of Throw To Win QB Training and Quarterback Coach for Norte Dame High School talks about the mental game of a quarterback. We talk about the dynamics that quarterbacks deal with in regards to pressure, discipline, and breathing. He evens shares his own personal experiences as a quarterback and his approach as a coach when training quarterbacks. If your a quarterback or a quarterback coach you have to listen to Coach Fisher talk about the mental game of a quarterback.

Episode 8: Hans de Lannoy – Basketball Coach

Dublin High School’s Girl’s Varsity Basketball Coach, Hans de Lannoy talks about fear of failure, disconnecting from the outcome, and the kind of pressures a high school athletes go through during this day of age. With over 40 years of coaching 36 of them at the varsity level and multiple championships, Hans shares personal stories about his recent basketball season/career, how to set expectations with athletes, and how yoga played a part in his career. When you hear this episode, you understand why his players played their hearts for him, but why he has had a very successful coaching career.

Episode 7: Aaron Miles – Mental Game

Former professional baseball player and World Champion, Aaron Miles talks about how to deal with adversity, fear of failure, getting in the zone, and how important it is to stay mentally positive in any situation. He shares very intimate stories about his world series experience and his own experiences regarding mental performance. If you love baseball, you can’t miss this podcast.

Episode 6: Donavin Britt – Mindset

Donavin Britt, owner/coach of the Las Vegas Krav Maga and MMA Academy talks about the warrior mindset and the kind of mindset that one needs to have when enduring self defense training. He shares stories about simulation training and how Bruce Lee has affected his mindset. If your are interested in Krav Maga and MMA, you must listen to Donavin’s gospel.

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